Practical Philosophy: an overview of the School's Philosophy course.

Introductory Course: details of the School's introduction to Philosophy.

Continuation Courses: a description of courses following the Introductory Course.

Times & Locations: information on where and when each class is held.

Other Courses: courses other than Philosophy offered by the School.

Testimonials: feedback from students.


Enrol: details on how to enrol, locations and fees.

Privacy & Security: details of how we protect your privacy.


Melbourne & Victoria: venues in metropolitan Melbourne and Victoria.

Australia: School locations in Australia.

Overseas Schools: details on Schools worldwide.


Upcoming Events: details of upcoming events.


Overview: an overview of featured events and other activities of the School of Philosophy.

Cultural Day: details on Times, Dates and Presenters.

Lifestyle & Culture Lectures: engaging public lectures.

Marriage and Relationships Course: guidance and enrichment for relationships.

Meditation Group: for those introduced to mediation through the School.

Cultural Evenings at Croydon: regular talks for students, family and friends.

Mindfulness: a form of meditation and a way of living.

Plato Summer School: details of the annual week with Plato and socrates.

Sanskrit Summer School: a week of Sanskrit study.

Youth and Young Professionals: a yearly retreat.

Erasmus Primary School: a primary school established and supported by the School of Philosophy.

About the School

History: details of the origins and history of the School.

Principles & Practices: an overview of the activities of the School and their purpose.

Organisation: details on the structure and management of the School.

Contact the School

Contact: contact details for the School in Melbourne.