The Melbourne School of Philosophy has been offering philosophy courses in Melbourne since 1977 and is a great place for the curious to further their enquiry into the practical nature of wisdom.

Described variously by its students as a “place to discuss the big questions”, a “space to share in a diversity of opinions”, or that “it opens up different ways to view the everyday”, the Melbourne School of Philosophy is a not-for-profit organisation welcoming those interested in the pursuit of a deeper understanding of themselves and a greater sense of meaning and well-being.

Drawing from both Eastern and Western wisdom traditions, the School’s approach to the study of philosophy has been practical from the beginning, is entirely based on voluntary participation by its members and proceeds on the principle that the teacher never ceases being a student. Our courses ask the student to neither accept nor reject what is presented but to test it in the light of their own experience.


The Melbourne School of Philosophy was founded in February 1977. Initially an advertisement was placed in ‘The Age’ newspaper and, as a result, 150 people attended. Some of these original attendees are still involved in the school to this day. The first Victorian practical philosophy course was held at the Scots Church Hall on 2nd February 1977 and proved such a hit with Melbournians that the School continued to expand their premises eventually finding a permanent home at Willard House and then, for many years ,on the top floor of Latham House on bustling Swanston Street.

The School of Philosophy now has branches in Melbourne (city), Hawthorn, Croydon, Geelong, Ballarat and Castlemaine.