Plato Summer School

Without virtue, a society will never obtain the wealth and happiness that people value so highly.

The practical message offered by Plato is that the issues that trouble any society can only be remedied by the application of wisdom and philosophy. We will consider the challenges facing today’s world in the light of the wisdom of Plato’s last great masterpiece, The Laws, and discover the relevance and urgency of his final message to the world.

The Plato Week will follow the general outline of previous Plato Weeks: Plenary meetings, study groups, possible electives, free time in the afternoons, some service activities, meditation, as well as meals and special evening activities.

The event is open to all students of the Australia School who have been on a Philosophy Residential previously and are meditating.

Event details

   Saturday 4th January 2020 to Saturday 11th January 2020.

   School of Philosophy Melbourne
Fee:   Varies by location.
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