Marriage and Relationships Course

This practical course explores questions such as—

  • What is the true nature of love?
  • How can we experience unity in our relationships?
  • What is the essence of communication?
A successful and harmonious marriage or relationship relies on the quality of love, relationship and communication.

The course draws on ancient and contemporary sources (both eastern and western) that embody wise and eternal principles for directing and ensuring happiness.

Who is it for?

The course is particularly suited to couples that—

  • may need help and guidance in their relationship
  • are looking for enrichment
  • are seeking a deeper dimension to their relationship.

Couples will obtain most benefit who attend together and can commit as far as possible to attend each session.

What is the format?

This course is—

  • based on applying the practices given each week
  • a forum for discussion and observations arising from the practices of the course material
  • a springboard from which the relationship can proceed in the future.

For details about the next course dates, or to ask a question about the course, please visit the Marriage and Relationships website.

Finding unity in relationships


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