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The School of Philosophy organises various events and courses for the enjoyment of students and visitors. This page lists upcoming offerings that complement the School’s Philosophy courses and bring practical philosophy to everyday living.

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Please note that, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, all regular Philosophy classes have moved online, along with special events.

Take heart in these challenging times, stay mindful (in every sense of the word!), and remember the famous Sanskrit invocation:

May all be happy, all be without disease;
May all behold the Good, and none be sorrowful.

On the Calendar

Practical Wisdom Workshops

Timeless Wisdom - Contemporary Issues - Passionate Presenters

Our Practical Wisdom Workshops are back for Term 2. All presentations will be on line via the Zoom platform. The cost for each session is $15.

Why Trust and not Fear?

We were born with a complete sense of trust. How is it that as we grow and develop we experience fear? What does it take to step over fear? Is it necessary to spend a life in the grip of fear? In this session, we will explore how we might regain trust, and come to experience the simplicity and peace that follows.

  • Presenter: Warwick Brewster
  • Date: Saturday 6th June 10am - 11.30am
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Who’s Really in Charge?

An exploration into, and a perspective on, the perplexing range of influences, expectations, opinions, desires, goals, environmental and cultural factors - amongst many - which appear to drive if not govern our everyday existence, leaving us rundown and frustrated with barely enough energy to get through another day. Is that all there is and is this how it’s meant to be? Just what is going on and is there another way which can result in a more enjoyable and effective life? Drawing on present day and older insights and wisdom, we’ll see if we can open up a window to a more fruitful life.

  • Presenter: Michael Smith
  • Date: Saturday 27th June 10.00 - 11.30am
  • Register here

Philosophy, Love and Relationships

This practical presentation looks at the nature of 'relationship' and how we might come to experience One Essential relationship with all, whether they be partners, family, friends, acquaintances or even complete strangers. We will consider the unifying nature of Love and how this might inform how we look on the world.

  • Presenter: Tim Rogers
  • Date: Saturday 18th July 10.00 - 11.30 am
  • Register here


Economics is a subject sadly in disrepute, but it has never more important!

Join us for three discussion evenings on Justice, Mother earth, and the Dignity of work. The meetings will be hosted online via Zoom.

  • Session times:
    - Course 1: Fridays 26th June, 3rd July and 10th July, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. AET [SOLD OUT]
    - Course 2: Fridays 24th July, July 31st and 7th August, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. AET
  • Fee: $50 for the three sessions
  • Bookings: The course will be on line via the Zoom platform and capped at 20 participants. Register here for Course 2

The key participant in economic life is the human being, whose ultimate purpose of participation is to do with the “world of spirit”. The aim of participation is that all may be happy and have well-being; and thus experience the opportunity to work freely, willingly, and gladly toward a satisfying life and the perfection of human nature.

John Tippett has been involved intimately in the study of economics from a very early age, having been born into a farming family, studying agricultural science and then economics at both the University of Melbourne and Monash University, and teaching economics for some 40 years. This interest and involvement has been in conjunction with a keen and dedicated study of practical philosophy in the Melbourne School of Philosophy – hence his deep interest in human nature and the effect of economic life upon that nature.

Warwick Brewster was a pioneer in the integrated design and construction approach to commercial/industrial building, forming his own company in the early 1970’s, and of which he was CEO for 16 years. Relationships between management, clients, staff, sub-contractors and suppliers were of paramount importance to the success of the business. He became head of the Building Construction department at RMIT University, delivering and overseeing lectures in costing, design/construction, staff management and client satisfaction.

Warwick’s keen interest in property led him to take up responsibility for the acquisition and management of various School of Philosophy properties (both purchased and leased). He has been a respected student and tutor in the SoP for some 40 years.

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Lifestyle & Culture Lectures

Lifestyle & Culture Lectures

The Lifestyle & Culture Lecture Series presents unique and exciting talks that explore issues of health and well-being, the arts and society, and the quest for happiness and self-knowledge.

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Cultural Day

Cultural Day

The Cultural Day is a wonderful opportunity for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students—along with family and friends—to take part in a range of workshops spanning the arts and sciences.

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Cultural Evenings at Croydon

Cultural Evenings at Croydon

The Cultural Evenings at Croydon are an opportunity for students of the School, along with family and friends, to enjoy engaging talks on a wide range of engaging topics in a lovely setting.

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Just This Day

Just This Day

Go beyond nationality, religious belief or difference and remember the still, silent present where everything is united—just this day. A worldwide event by our sister school in London.

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