Since 1977, thousands of people have enjoyed the School’s Philosophy courses. Below is a collection of comments, reflections and feedback from recent Introductory Courses…

Student Comments

Changed my life

Before doing this course, I had some idea about spirituality and practical philosophy—derived mainly from books—but I found it really difficult to put all these ideas into a meaningful whole or to translate them into a ‘way of life’.

This course really helped me to feel grounded, and gave me a structure for putting philosophical ideas into practice—which was just what I was looking for.

The simple Exercise presented in the course has really changed my life. Just learning to rest in the present moment eliminated a ton of stress from my life, and has certainly improved my life, relationships and sense of well-being.

I can’t recommend the course highly enough.

Looking forward to continuing

“I have found the Philosophy course very fulfilling and relevant to my life. I look forward to continuing.”

Very positive effect

“I am really enjoying philosophy and find it has had a very positive effect on my life in a variety of ways. Thank you.”

Interesting discussions

“The group worked well together—interesting discussions.”

Structured, spontaneous

“Structured course content is good as well as spontaneous discussion.”

Relevant, engaging, peaceful and relaxed

The content was more relevant to me than I imagined it would be, having no real expectations or knowledge of the practical aspect of philosophy. I can see that there is much more to learn and I’m looking forward to that.

The presentation certainly did engage my attention. A peaceful and relaxed atmosphere allows everyone to become engaged if they wish to. (I sometimes may be too enthusiastic, though!)

While there is a long way to go, I feel some of the benefits of this view of myself (and others).


“I liked the flexibility to attend different nights and experience the different tutors, helpers and class members.”

Thank you

“Thank you for your warmth, generosity of spirit and enthusiasm.”

Immensely helpful

“The course was very well structured. The presenters were delightful. The course is immensely helpful in my life, a wonderful synthesis of wisdom from all over. Thank you.”


“This course was very good, challenging, enjoyable and thought provoking.”

Wonderful atmosphere

“I have really enjoyed the course. The people and atmosphere created are wonderful!”


“Philosophy is relaxing and a worthwhile experience.”

Students enjoying the tea break

Animated conversation over tea

A happy student

A happy student