Structure and Management of the School

The School of Philosophy (Melbourne) Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation.

The School's registered office is in Hawthorn, with branches in Geelong, Ballarat, Croydon and Adelaide.

The School is governed in accordance with the Victorian Government's Model Rules for an Incorporated Association (Associations Incorporations Act 1981) and also has its own constitution. The governing body, which is made up of about 70 members, includes students and tutors. All tutors continue their studies within the School to ensure their skills are kept up to date. The tutors' ongoing training commitment is about 90 hours per annum apportioned across 36 weeks of the three term year, with an additional 90 hours per annum class room time as tutors.

The School's 60 or so tutoring staff meet at least 6 times each year to review the previous term and plan for the next. Student feedback is an important part of the planning. All our tutors serve on a voluntary basis and do not receive any remuneration. Other positions in the School are also voluntary and without remuneration. These include assistant tutors, classroom assistants, refreshment teams, cleaning/maintenance and the Executive Committee. The only paid positions in the School are the office administration staff.

In accordance with the Model Rules and the constitution, the School conducts an Annual General Meeting where the School's financial reports are presented to the members and other business is conducted. The financial reports are independently audited.

At its Annual General Meeting, the members elect a Principal, a Treasurer, General Secretary and other members to form an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee conducts the business of the School and ensures the provision of all necessary facilities to enable the work of the School to proceed. The committee meets at least 10 times per year.

The Executive Committee for 2018/2019 is:

  • Principal - Mr. Chris Hutchins
  • Treasurer - Mr. Chris Ford
  • Secretary - Mrs. Jane Praeger
  • Ordinary Members:
    •       Mr. Stephen Abrahams
    •       Mr. Mario Hrkack
    •       Mr. Edward Li
    •       Mr. Euan Nichol
    •       Mr. George Telkes

Students at dinner

A group meeting

Students at dinner

A philosophical woodpile